DBL Securities Limited is a Private Limited Company, incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, (RJSC) Bangladesh on July 19, 2010. At present, it’s authorized and paid up capital is Tk. 500.00 Crore and Tk. 156.00 Crore respectively.

The 99.99% shares of DBL Securities Ltd. are owned by its parent company Dhaka Bank Limited, one of the leading banks of Bangladesh. Prior to the formation of DBL Securities Ltd., Dhaka Bank Limited carried out stockbroker and stock dealer operations through its Capital Market Services (CMS) unit since the year 2005. Afterwards, the Board of Directors of Dhaka Bank Limited decided to form a Subsidiary Company named as DBL Securities Limited to carry out the Stock Broker and Stock Dealer operations by complying prevailing regulatory requirements. The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission issued the Registration Certificates (both DSE and CSE) in favor of DBL Securities Limited on February 10, 2011. After completing due formalities, DBL Securities Limited is carrying out the stock broker and stock dealer operations with effect from February 13, 2011.